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Ummm... HELLO!

Just Read Me DAMNIT! ::ahem:: I mean, Please Read My LJ!

7 November
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hi my name is Krystal and I love to GAW with my FRITZIES - i'm 19 years old and i'm burnt out on school - i hate green peppers but i love seth green and thunderstorms - i'm not a weirdo, i just do so many of these damn profiles, that i get sick of writing the same crap-shit about myself over and over... ~*~outgoing~*~fun~*~sean's a DINGLE~*~and Koller is a PIGNUT~*~i love my friend, Beth's ass~*~i have a tattoo~*~i love spiked up hair~*~honey BBQ fritos (twists), dean's moose tracks ice cream and blue raspberry jolly ranchers are ridiculously mouthwatering on all accounts~*~stirring up concotions with mah friends is always great~*~springtime = happiness~*~my boyfriend is just the most perfect man in the world and i love him~*~read my damn live journal, but only if you're bored~*~ i would like to give credit to laura for finding this live journal for the rest of us, and i'm sorry that everyone is turing this into a fad - it was your finding and idea, and the credit should be all yours!