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March 7th, 2005

05:53 pm - ahh, SPRING BREAK.


Full name: Krystal Mary Nemeth-Martinez
Date of birth: 11-07-85
Gender: Female
Location: Norridge, IL = THE BUBBLE
Zodiac sign: Scorpio
Reason for taking survey: boredom b/c of damn SB

[Going Deeper]

If any, name any phobias you have: deep water, the dark, being alone, KILLER BEES.
If you could come from any country that wasn't your own, what would it be: i think that being from England would be pretty cool.  plus i'd have that really fun accent and say things like "lift" instead of "elevator"
Do you drink: hahah, no, i just like the thrill of buying the liquor.  "hey do you think anyone would buy us liquor?" haha. wow.
Do you smoke: definitely not
If so, when did you start smoking: um good day.
If any, what drugs have you done: i'm a good girl
Name every country that your Internet friends originate from or live in: U.S. pretty much
Now do the same for your family: US as well.
Are you a junk food person or a healthy eater: just give me some meat.
Living arrangements: norridge. lately in the dungeon.
Name any pets you have: TAFFINA! ANNIE!
Siblings: my should be homosexual brother, ande, and my three sisters (F5)
Do you like your school: i like the people.... but the school, it's just alright.
What is your favourite class: right now, psych. but before PHILOSOPHY!
What is your least favourite: probably poetry. poetry bites the schlong.
What genre of movie do you prefer: eh anything. as long as it has some intellect.
What movies from that genre do you like the most: um. i'm all over the place with movies
Are you a gamer: HAHAHA i belong to a club.. we go to board game conventions
If so, what games do you play: GOOP, 66, compatability, loaded questions, sequence, and would you rather? anything that keeps us entertained
What music genre do you listen to the most: most... um, pretty much everything.
Name some bands/artists you like: Britney Spears, Linkin Park, ATB, Foo Fighters, AFI, Shania Twain.. on and on...
If you could eliminate the existence of one band/artist, which one would you choose: GOODBYE ASHLEE SIMPSON!
Are you into self categorization? If so, what would you call yourself: ? moving on...


Time of the year: F5 Camping time.
Friend: MAH FRITZIES. i love 'em all!
Family member: how can i choose which family member i love the most? bad question... BOO!
Animal: dogs. hands down.
Sweet food: ice cream
Savoury food: STEAK.
Spicy food: some mexican food is spicy. mmm beans.
Colour: Green
Sitcom: Friends
Cartoon: um. right now probably kim possible, b/c i'm gay like that...
TV channel: Disney like no other. ugh. or WB
Pastime: anything FRITZY
Drug: Nyquil or Tylenol Sinus
Fictional book: A Prayer for Owen Meany
Non-fictional book: i hate nonfiction. good day.
Romance movie: Sweet November
Sci-fi movie: does LOTR count?
Action movie: Kill Bill *both*
Historical drama movie: hmm i'm not to sure about this one.. .get back to me
Horror movie: The Ring
Music genre: soft modern rock.
Artists from that genre: goo goo dolls
Porno: i don't have a favorite.
Anime: Dragonball Z
Magazine: Cosmo
Games console: Sega
Website: Facebook or FTJ
Swear word: CRAPSHIT, that counts right?
Ice-cream flavour: mint chocolate chip or moosetracks
Clothing brand, if any: Taunt - Gadzooks
Store: Gadzooks
Place to relax: anywhere i can be horizontal
Place to shop: Gallyans
Place to party: MERTZ 14th FLOOR!

[Do you believe in...]

God: Yes
A counter-god, or devil: Yes.
Heaven: Yes
Hell: Yes
Reincarnation: I think I was a squirrel in my past lifetime...
The Soul: Yes
Evolution: Yes.
Angels: Yes
Karma: Definitely Yes.

Do you celebrate Christmas: Yes.
How do you celebrate your birthday: It's random.. sometimes a hotel party, clubbing, circus... ha whatever happens
What is your religion: Lutheran
Does your family have any special customs: Except for our yearly CHRISTMAS THEME. not really.
Have you ever converted from another religion or atheism: nope.
Are you a vegetarian: wow. that's not even funny...

[For the Older Kids, Sex!]

Are you a virgin: OF COURSE.
If applicable, did you like your first time: um hahaha. NO.
Ever given head: yup sir.. or ma'am?
Ever recieved head: yes. am a fan.
Ever done anal: yeah. not a fan.
Does S&M appeal to you: DEFINTELY NOT.
Do you watch pornography: yeah. yeah i do
How often do you masturbate: hahahaha.
Ever had sex whilst drunk: NOPE.
Do you regret any sexual incidents that occurred on your part: not really any that i can think of...
Do you consider yourself sexually attractive: ugh.
Favourite sexual position: oh man. this IS personal...

[Your Love Life]

Are you in a relationship right now: hahaha. sure.
Describe your current, or most recent relationship: well... rodney and then... well... JG.
Are you, or have you ever been in love: Yes, too many times...
Are you, or do you plan on getting married: OH YEAH.
Do you believe in soul-mates: I'd like to think it's possible.. but who knows.
Do you think long-distance love is possible: HELL YES I DO.
Could you see yourself being unfaithful: I've done it...
What do you notice about the opposite sex first: actually Weight and Hair.
Taller or shorter than you: TALLER.
Ever broken someone's heart: Yes i have.
Has someone ever broken yours: Ugh, yes, it was the worst feeling in the world
Do/would you have children: I need to have children...
Any relationship beliefs (such as Gorean philosophy, etc): ? ok.

[Your Bad Side]

Do you steal, or have you stolen: oh koller. hahahaha.
If so, was it from a store or a person you know: well not quite a store... one of those carts in the middle of the mall...
Have you been intimate with someone else's significant other: nope.
Do you take advantage of other peoples' kindness: naw.
Have you lied to your parents: Yeah it's been done.
Do you get jealous easily: me??????
Do you have a bad temper: not really...
Have you ever made someone cry: I don't really know...
Ever physically hurt someone: I slapped Lisa once. that was the highlight of my life.
Do you consider yourself racist: not at all.
Must you always seek vengeance: not always

[This or That]

Alcohol or Marijuanna: water and oxygen
Coca-Cola or Pepsi: Coke
A quiet evening at home or a wild night out: either. i'm down for anything
Extreme intelligence or unbelievable beauty: Intelligence
A permanent, stable relationship or an insane sex life: Stable relationship.
Christmas without gifts, or Christmas without everything else: Christmas without gifts.
Rock or Rap: Rock
The ability to fly or the ability to be invisible: FLY. no question.
Hearing or seeing: Seeing
Depression or anxiety: Anxiety
Immortality without the ability to die, or mortality: Mortality
Death by freezing, or burning: um. ugh.
Death by suffocation or being stabbed: Suffocation. that way i'd pass out before death instead of being in pain.
Lots of acquaintances or a few close friends: Acquaintances
To be a singer or an actor/actress: Singer. koller is my actress...
Eternal day or eternal night: Day
X-Ray vision or psychic abilities: Psychic abilities.
Sweet or savoury: Savory
To never sleep or to never eat: OMG AHH! i can't answer that.
To eat as much as you want or to sleep as much as you want: EAT.
World domination or infinite knowledge of all things: Infinite knowledge.
Britney Spears or Christina Aquilera: BRITNEY FOR LIFE.
Bush or Kerry: BUSH LOVE!

[The Last]
Person you talked to: Jon
Person you argued with: probably GRAM.
Person you hugged: Jon
Person you texted: Jon
Phonecall: Jon
Thing you ate: PH Buffet.
Thing you drank: Water
Time you showered: Not last night, the night before that.
Time you told someone you loved them: This morning
Time someone said they loved you: This morning
Time you laughed: RIGHT NOW.
Time you vomited: um... i don't know?
Paycheck: Two weeks ago
Time you had sex: Sometime last month - February 6th.
TV show you watched: um. Family Guy
Song you listened to: Livin' On A Prayer - Bon Jovi
Movie you watched: Anchorman with Davey.
Dream you had: I haven't been dreaming lately
Time you got drunk: never.
Party you went to: if you all MERTZ a party, then there ya go.
Item of clothing you bought: a dress. for $4.36

[Have You Ever Been Called]

Bitch: yeah, beth.
Bastard: No, i don't think so. 
Beautiful: Yes
Talented: Yes.
A waste of space: Nope.
Liar: Yes
Geek: No.
Nerd: Yes.
Loser: Yes.
Peculiar: Nope
Intelligent: Yes.
Skinny: Yes
Fat: No
Pretty: Yes
Preppy: Nope
Goth: No
Emo: No.
Grunger: No.
Fiend: No.
Innovative: No.
Weirdo: Yes
Stupid: Yeah.
Retarded: Yeah.
Annoying: No.
Freak: No.
Brat: No.
Minger: No.
Cute: Yes
Interesting:  No.
Boring: No.
Slut: haha yeah.
Whore: Yes
Whoreface: No.
Skank: Yeah.
Asshole: Yeah.
Shitface: Yeah.
Ugly: Yeah.
Disgusting: No.
Shithead: Yeah.
Cock: YES, but i prefer DONG thank you.
Tit: hahah probably by kollerbear.
Twat: sick.

and on to the update....


I love having new friends, friends that are guys that is.  My girlfriends I'll always keep and we just get closer everyday. never will i get sick of them and hopefully never will we drift.  i love you three more than words can express...

Back onto my comment about guy friends... JG makes me so happy, and davey is just wonderful.  my family loves davey, which is always a plus.  JG is too far away right now, in order to meet the family and all, but i know he will in time.  nothing has made me happier than these two guys in a long time and i'm so glad that i have them in my life.  i can't seem to drag myself away from them for two seconds because they are so wonderful.  WOO LOYOLA MEN!

Rodney left on saturday for IRAQ, but it still doesn't feel as if he's REALLY gone.  he called me this morning to see how i was, FROM QUAIT, and well yeah, he's still fine and dandy and nothing has changed.  kinda weird and sad. but i'll be alright in the end...

milwauke = beth, amanda, davey, and i went to see jonny last night on a whim.  it was fun though.  "hey what are you doing today?" "nothing" "ok, we're coming to milwaukee, see you in a couple hours..." haha. twas fun. we went out to eat and chilled at jon's house for a couple hours and then drove back. good times.  wednesday is roadtrip numero dos up to milwaukee to see jonny.  can't wait b/c i'm going through physical withdawals from him.  ugh. too far away babe. come back here.

On friday i get to see kollerbear, which is awesome b/c i miss her. ::DF::

saturday i can't wait - basically it's MAH FRITZIES + davey and jon + CLUBBING = OMG SOOOOOO MUCH FUN! yesss! i need a kollerbear/jon/clubbing fix and this will satisfy all of my withdrawals.  YAYAYAYAYA! then i get the aftermath of clubbing and the sleepover side of it.  oooooh baby!

i'm happy i'm on SB right now even though there isn't that much to do really.  just the usual hanging out with mah ladies and chillin' around the house or whatever. i am glad though that i have no GVC right now, or else my SB would be all work and no play.  plus, koller and then beth and amanda have SB in the next two weeks following, so that should be fun times as well.  yayaya MARCH! then one more month and a half and i'm done with school for the summer. YAAA! this year definitely FLEW BY!

let's see... i haven't been sleeping right lately, so i think i'm gonna hit the sack early tonight.. but that's just what i say, let's see what actually happens. i just can't seem to break myself away from the computer... and him.

good day.

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Current Music: Wonderwall - Oasis

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February 23rd, 2005

12:34 pm - wow... it's been a while, yes?


on the cheek
on the lips
on their hands or fingers
in my room
in their room

of the same sex
of the opposite sex
related to me

younger then me
older than me

with jet black hair
with curly hair

with blonde hair and blue eyes
with flaming red hair
with straight hair
shorter than me
taller than me
with a lip ring
who was drunk - does amanda count? 1-31-04!
who was high
who I had just met
who was homosexual
who I didn't really want to kiss

on a holiday
who was going out with someone close to me
who was my good friend's brother or sister
who had been/is in jail
in a graveyard

at a show/concert
at the beach
in a pool, jacuzzi, or some type of water
who was legally too young/old for me to have sex with
with dyed hair
with a shaved head

who was/is my good friend
who was/is in a band
who has tattoos

who is of a completely different race than me
in the rain
in another continent besides where I was born
with an accent
with an std
on a boat/canoe

in a car/taxi/bus
on a plane

at the circus/carnival
with a missing body part

in the movies
eskimo style

in a tree house
in a church
with four or more people in the room

while taking this quiz
that didnt speak english
in another country

in another state
in someone elses car

in someone elses car while they're driving
with the same name as you
with a tongue ring

with braces
with glasses/contacts
upside-down (spiderman style) <---omg this is the best fuckin way ever

with more then 5 piercings
on a bet/dare
when you were drunk
that has kissed someone else that day/night
at someone elses house
on your birthday

on a mountain
that has kissed your roommate(s)
that lives with someone you've kissed

that you find beautiful


wow. ok. so now that i feel like a slut. hahaha i guess i'll just update my thoughts...

i have this terrible urge to do something but i can't say what it is and i'm doing my best to prevent it.  if you're going to guess what it is, then please be logical and don't make shit up until you get it right... if you don't really care, then just leave it be.

anyway... i love my FRITZIES, they're all doing just as well as they have been since HS. and we're closer friends now than ever before.  i've made some new friends at school... and of course they are guys, b/c i'm just better at talking with guys... who are incredible and im learning to love 'em like bestfriends.  they're wonderful and i now have a reason to want to wake up in the morning and make the 1 hour trek to LUC, even dressed up.  it makes everyday more enjoyable to see them. YESS!!

as for rodney, he's still in NC and he won't be leaving until march 4th.  sad. very very sad... but what can i do but wish for the best and write him as often as possible.  i can't talk to him on the phone for 3 months, and there are no computers where he is going, so i just have to take one day at a time.  i don't want him to leave, and i don't want to have to worry... but i just have to deal. b/c i know in the end, he's coming home safe to me... he's gonna be just fine.

nothing is really going on with life and all.  work x2 and school full time, but that's about it.  i don't have much time to myself and i don't really have a lot much else to do besides homework and studying outside of school, besides work.  i'm happy though that i have the bestest girl friends in the world and they make my days wonderful.  YES! FRITZY CHATS! ::DF::

something bad happened yesterday: my car was broken into and all of my notes, and three of my textbooks were stolen (which were inside of my backpack, which i think is what the thief was going for) and my winter jacket is MIA.  lovely night it was when i found that..  now i have no back drivers side window and i can't really drive the FOCUS in the winter w/o having the proper windows...in case of snow and all.  this really sucks, but it's ok.  i have friends in my classes that are giving me their notes to copy and whatnot, so i'll get everything back.  i just hate having to start all over this far into the semester.  blah.  especially since i had two tests i had to take today.  luckily, the profs. just let me have an extension for a while.  i'm happy for that 

so... in a nutshell, i'm busy, my boy is leaving, my car is ruined, and i have no time to sleep or eat properly... BUT i have some awesome friends and they are the ones that truely help me through everyday and get me through.  THANK YOU FRITZIES and MERTZ MEN ON THE 14th FLOOR!


good day.


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Current Music: Offspring - Livin' In Chaos

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November 22nd, 2004

12:45 pm - XANGA. wow.
i decided that i'm going to do both xanga and LJ now, but my XANGA is much, way cooler. wow. the LJ, however, looks like complete ass shit... www.xanga.com/ewergrate. you'll be amazed. GO!

good day.

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Current Music: NONE

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November 21st, 2004

01:08 pm - Sad Stuff...
my life right now is so boring.. wow.

-this day i had to drive one hour to get to school at 9:30 for a 15 min. conference about my research paper with my teacher, and then drive an hour home. wow. i hate LUC.
-i can't register for my classes b/c the financial people have a hold on my classes. what a bunch of douches. i'm not going to get ANYTHING i need and/or want. it's kind of rediculous. i might as well just take the semster off and take crap loads of summer school. what a waste.
-i went shopping at WOODFIELD and spent a whopping $250 on some new clothes from Forever XXI and New York & Co. i love my new clothes. i also spent some money at another store for koller's gift, which was basically the only reason i was going out there anyway in the first place, and i love it! it's exactly what i imagined, only better than what i saw in the ad for it. i hope she likes it as much as i do, and if not, then i'll keep it. no joke. :-)
-speaking of.. i got my gifts from KOLLER in the mail! WWWWWWWOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! who's excited?! so far, it's an awesome bag that has "souther girl" written on it, b/c i belong in the south and koller knows it :-), and a white tank top with a blue heart and "RODNEY" written in script across the middle. WOW. i'm sooooooooo happy with them i could just scream! eeeee thank you thank you thank you!
-speaking of koller. we both decided that we're signing up for calculus at triton during the summer for some summer school. yes! we get to go to school together, and it's something we both really dislike... MATH! hahaha we'll hate it together and laugh about it and get through it together... calc. will be much easier and more exciting than i thought! eeee!
-i got my hair chopped off again, shorter than the last time... not even touching my shoulders. gotta get used to it. i like it, but it's sooooo short. happy that momma likes it too.
-i had no work today, i went to the DMV with momma and finally got a new license. i'm pissed about that. basically ok, my last one was cracked in half and was being held together with scotch tape. blah. so i finally got a new one.. but this time, they decided to add the "under 18 until 11/07/03" part onto it. it's sooooooo FUGGING UGLY! i'm sad, b/c my license is ugly. i actually liked the scotch tape one better. assholes. i'm OVER 18! why do they need an UNDER 18 part on there? stupid. - i ordered some new plates.. haha ok, so i didn't want to be some type of pastry like amanda, no retardo actions like DUNK or DANCE or FLIP or something, and no nicknames or large mammals: RHINO. i wanted to have one of those license plates that people stare at and say out loud while they're sitting in back of me stuck in traffic. haha. so i did this name, and my AIM sn...
2. U R GR8
3. EWE R GR8
those were my three first picks. if they don't come in, then i'm either going to have to keep playin' around, or go with my initials or something. oh well.. i guess we'll just have to wait and see!
oh yeah, my current license plates are no longer out dated or illegal. yes!

-today was nothing. work at LAG until 1, laying around doing nothing but watching Disney Channel and eating... and then off to work at GVC. came home, watched some more Disney and fell asleep.
-had 2 terrible dreams last night, back-to-back and woke up in hysterics crying my eyes out and coughing. it was terrible. called rodney at like 3:38am *i remember b/c i remember thinking, wow it's the middle of the night* and made sure that everything was alright. the first was about me getting shot because i was a witness to a murder that had just occured, so the guy saw me and chased after me... shot me right in the back while i was running away, right through the middle of my chest. at that point, i was in my mom's arm and she asked me my last requests, b/c there was no way i was to survive. it was interesting to see what my mind chose as my last minute requests... i'd tell ya, but they're awful sad... i did think of my friends though, they were all included in my 3rd request, some more than others, but were mostly directed toward my FRITZIES. wow. sad stuff.
-the second wasn't as bad... no death, no shooting, no blood... but it was basically a dream of the future. it was my last time seeing rodney before i had to leave him before he has to go to IRAQ. sad stuff as well. now i know though what it's going to feel like when it actually happens, i'm dreading the day. :-(
-and that was my saturday. blah.

-today i had work, no one wants to talk to me online, and i'm hungry. i have to go to GVC at 4:15 for work at 5... then homework (maybe) when i get home. ::sigh:: only 3 more days.

what a blah day indeed.

good day to the rest of you

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Current Music: Someone's Watching Over Me - Hilary Duff

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November 17th, 2004

03:44 pm - WOW. Am I Ever BLANK.
so i haven't updated. but then again, nothing to really update on... just work x2, and school. that's about it. oh yeah, beth amanda and i are addicted to chilis and coldstone... so bad, but so great!

i'm stealing this from every other person, b/c i don't have the time right now to do the survey i wrote, and this one is simple.. here goes...

--Ten years ago, I...
1. was dating DEAN - the first time around.
2. got my first kiss
3. started playing the OBOE
--Five years ago, I...
1. had just started high school. WOO RHS!
2. was dating SUPER STEVE
3. apparently wasn't liked by rachel, kathy, or beth haha.
--One year ago, I...
1. got my tattoo
2. went clubbing for the first time! ZG!
3. was beginning PROM preparations for May
--So far this year, I...
1. started college at LUC
2. went FRITZY camping
3. fell in love with mah man!
--Yesterday, I...
1. started choosing my classes for next semester
2. went to work and school
3. ate way too much throughout the day
--Today, I...
1. had a hilarious time in english class with my friend ryan
2. bumped into emily while going to english class
3. will hopefully be tasting the food on the menu for GVC this week and GET PAID!
--Tomorrow, I will...
1. get to go to PHILOSOPHY! <3
2. will finish my outline for my research paper
3. slave away at GVC
--In one year, I will...
1. be a SOPH in college
2. start making some plans to transfer over to UIUC
3. be TWENTY.. TWWWEEENTTTYY!!!!! ahhhhh!
--In five years, I will...
1. be in my first year of medical school
2. hopefully starting a family
3. be making a lot of money working in a hospital somewhere


good day.

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Current Music: Aneta's Xanga's Background Music

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November 10th, 2004

12:07 pm - MY SURVEY... wow, am i bored!
wow. i don't think it's possible for me to be MORE bored than right now. i hate LUC. blah.

"Here i am again, talkin' to myself, sittin' at a red light.
Both hands on the wheel, how am i supposed to feel?, so much runnin' through my mind.
first you wanna be free, now you say you need me, givin' mixed signals and signs,
it's so hard to let you in, thinkin' you might slam the brakes again.

Put the pedal down, headin' outta town, gotta make a getaway.
the traffic in my brain's drivin' me insane, this is more than i can take.
you tell me that you love me first, then throw your heart into reverse...
i gotta getaway!

I can't keep coming back to you, everytime you're in the mood to whisper something sweet in my ear
it's so hard to move on, because everytime i think you're gone, you show up in my rearview mirror.
is this just a detour? cuz i gotta be sure, that you really mean what you say
it's so hard to let you in, thinkin' you might slam the brakes again.

to a place where i can be redefined, where you're out of sight and you're out of mind.
but the truth is i, can't even say goodbye

Put the pedal down, headin' outta town, gotta make a getaway.
the traffic in my brain's drivin' me insane, this i more than i can take.
you tell me that you love me first, then throw you heart into reverse...
i gotta getaway!"

~Hilary Duff
--Download this song... i'm hooked on it!

alright, time for the ULTIMATE SURVEY! created by myself.

-Full Name:
-What you wish your name is:
-State any name that you HATE or you think is just plain ugly:
-Location you wish you were at right now:
-Age you wish you could be forever:
-School and work:
-Color of the underwear you are wearing right now and if you're not, i want to know why?:
-Pet Peeves:
-Bad Habits:
-Afraid of?:
-Lucky Number:
-Zodiac Sign:

-Water Brand:
-Type of Cookie:
-Pair of underwear:
-Type of underwear of the opposite sex:
-TV Drama:
-Reality Show:
-Actor and why:
-Actress and why:
-Fast Food Restaurant:
-Sit Down Restaurant:
-Instant Messaging Service:
-Color Power Ranger:
-One Lined Lyric from any Song:
-Pair of Socks-Describe them:
-Childhood TV Show:
-Shoe Brand:
-Superhero Power:
-Body Part of the Opposite Sex:
-Pick-up Line Used on you:
-Late Night Snack:
-Ice Cream Brand and Flavor:
-Talk Show to Watch:
-Alcoholic Drink:
-Video Game:
-Word in a Different Language:
-Disney Cartoon Character:
-Spice Girl:

-Cock, Dick, Dong, Penis, or Wang:
-Cherry, Vanilla, Regular, Diet, or Lemon COKE:
-Tall or Short:
-Ashlee or Jessica Simpson:
-Black or White:
-Half Full or Half Empty:
-Mountains or Beach:
-Xanga or Live Journal:
-Trip Up or Down the Stairs:
-Disney, Nickelodeon, or Cartoon Network:
-Lemonade or Iced Tea:
-Tacos or Quesadillas:
-Marines or Navy:
-On Top or On Bottom (u pervert):
-Lust or Love:
-Chocolate, Vanilla, or Caramel:
-Camels or Llamas:
-Vacation-Relax or Sight see:
-Back Flips or Front Flips:
-Stuffed, Pan, or Regular Pizza:
-N*sync or BSB:
-Hilary Duff or Lindsey Lohan:
-Eye Liner, Eye Shadow, or Mascara:
-Summer or Winter:
-Thong, Granny Panties, or NONE:
-Sleep-Stomach, Back, or Side:
-Rather Ride a Horse, Donkey, or Elephant:
-Lights On or Off:
-Durex, LifeStyles or Trojan:
-Paper or Plastic:
-Email or Regular Mail:
-North or South:
-City or Suburbs:
-South Park or Simpsons:
-Saved By The Bell or BH 90210:
-California or Florida:
-Sexy or Gorgeous:
-Britney Spears and her husband, going to last? yes or no:
-Dance or Sing:
-Shower or Bath:
-Bar Soap or Body Wash:
-Candy or Cookies:
-Ask Out or Get Asked Out:
-Public Displays of Affection, Engaging in,-Yes or No:
-Size Does Matter, yes or no:
-Night or Day:
-Spontaneous or Think Through Before Doing:
-Sky Diving or Bungee Jumping:
-Cross Country Road Trip or Quick Plane Flight:
-Donald or Daffy Duck:
-Drown or Burn to death:
-Disney or Looney Tunes Characters:
-Pancakes, Waffles, or French Toast:
-Intercourse or Oral Pleasure:
-Britney Spears, Jessica Simpson, Beyonce, or Christina Aguilera:

-Scratched your ass and someone noticed and said something about it:
-Cheated on someone:
-Hooked up with more than one person you have just met in the same night:
-Runaway from Home:
-Watched Porn:
-Turned down someone that wanted to date/dance with you:
-Started a Rumor:
-Ding Dong Ditched:
-Prank Phone Called:
-Helped out in a 3-way call attack:
-Ordered food for someone else as a prank:
-Been Pulled over or Caught by the Police for Anything:
-Neglected to Wear Underwear:
-Had a Crush on someone in your family:
-Had a Crush on a teacher:
-Had CyberSex:
-Been to a Strip Club:
-Skinny Dipped, or Been to a Nude or Topless Beach:
-Drank so much you puked and passed out:
-Ridden a motorcycle:

-In one now?:
-Ever Been In Love:
-Would Like to Be:
-Most importantly, your ideal person has to be (pick one)-Good Looking, Funny, Outgoing, Sexual, or Romantic:
-Perfect Height:
-Skinny, a little chub, or a BUFF MONSTER:
-Athletic or Smart:
-Ideal Hair Color:
-Ideal Eye Color:
-Ideal Age:
-Ever have a relationship with someone of the same sex:
-Longest Relationship, with who and how long:
-You like someone, do you have the guts to ask them out? if yes, what do you say?:
-Kiss on the first date:
-Do you make the first move, or do you wait until they do?:
-Kissing, Hugging, Cuddling, or Spooning:
-Someone walks in on you fooling around, what do you do?:
-When you see your crush/lover, you feel flutters in your-Heart, Stomach, or Groin:
-You know it's love when-You say it or S/he Says it:
-During Fooling Around, do you take over, or do you relax and let the other person do all the work:
-Ever Fooled around in a Public Place:
-Sex Toys, Awkward or Fun:
-Orgy, have you, or would you, yes or no:
-Perform or Watch a strip tease:
-Making Love, Having Sex, or F*ing?:
-The worst thing someone could say in the midst of fooling around:

-First concert attended:
-How many pillows do you sleep with:
-How many hours a day do you spend online:
-Dream Job:
-If you could have dinner with one person, dead or alive, who would it be and what would you talk about:
-Something you do when no one else is watching:
-If you were famous, what would entertainment name be:
-Make up an extremely provacative new screen name for yourself with 16 or less characters:
-Make up a License Plate for yourself (7 Characters or less):
-Describe the Sluttiest Outfit you've ever worn:
-If you change one thing about yourself, physically, what would it be?:
-Most Daring Thing You've Done:
-Last person you talked to-online, on the phone, and in person:
-You have a free night, do you relax, get things done, or go out?:
-A Movie that defines You or Your Life:
-Reality TV Show you would like to be in one day:
-Country you want to visit:

i'm so done.

good day.

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Current Music: Getaway - Hilary Duff

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November 8th, 2004

04:49 pm - THANKS!
first off... thank you to all of you HAPPY BIRTHDAYers out there! you made my birthday a great one! love to you all!!!!
let's recap the weekend shall we?? alright.

-today i had hell at LAG. blah. ok soo.. all the little kids are insane. they are 3-5 years old and really don't understand the concept of "listen to the teacher". i got a shcrap load of complaining parents, lemmie tell you. it starts with one. then multiplies rapidly... creating a herd of crazy children. they run around, don't listen, don't pay attention... and my yelling at them becomes more of a game, than a threat. it's not fun. there were about 8 of them in each class, screaming, yelling, running around and being disruptive to one another, making it impossible for me to teach anything or get them to listen! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! but do you know what's great?? little EOIN CORRBETT/CUSACK was an angel. ::sigh::
-it was insane. do you know what's funny though?? I GOT YELLED AT... and you're probably thinking, "wow. that's not really funny." but it is. BECAUSE I GOT YELLED AT BECAUSE THEIR CHILDREN WEREN'T LISTENING TO ME! is that right? shouldn't the parents of these insane children be yelling at the children? and not me? shouldn't that be the case? apparently not. i'm at fault here and that's that. i wish my children would just behave. ha. my children... geesh.
-alrighty, so after LAG, i came home and went to GVC for work. fun. all i did was cocktail and that's it. stupid. i hate going to work and not working, it's a waste of time i tell you... blah.
-ha. ok so let's talk about the night... well... i got home and started to get ready at like 9ish(?) and called everyone and told them to be at my house at like 1030, when i knew what was going on. first, i had to wait for ash, sean, mo, and aneta to come.. they came, we waited on my driveway for ruben, amanda, and beth. cool. everyone got there and then ash had to go back to her house. ruben then showed up and we had to go to the ATM to get some cash. cool. well while i pulled out of the parking lot for the bank, ash didn't follow, so i was forced to pull over at currency exchange to wait for her. she came. i pulled out of that parking lot and she followed, but when she did, her oil cap got knocked off of her car and there was oil all over cumberland. there was sean, ash, mo, aneta, and carlos (who decided to come last minute) standing on someone's yard by the side street next to currency exchange. crazy. we waited, the pushed the car, we drove back to ash's to pick up sean's car. headed out.
-got to the club, and pulled into the parking lot. hahahahah. ok, so this little twirpy kid, that looked as if he was 14, walked straight at my car. another ZG security guard then made me roll down my window and asked if we had alcohol. i said, "no, of course not." haha. ok so we did. they searched the car and basically took the alcohol right out of beth and amanda's hands. ruben and i of course, were not drinking. so they made us get out of the car and took our IDs and talked things over. they were like,"no one is 21 or over, and you are underage, and you have alcohol. we don't let people in our club that have had alcohol or have it." then quietly i was like, "but i'm the driver, i wasn't drinking, and it's my birthday!" i sounded a bit pathetic. BUT! it got us off. "since it's your birthday, we're letting you in. we don't normally do this, but you're free. oh yeah, have a happy birthday!" SCORE! i hugged all the security guards except the twirpy 14 year old and drove off. lol they didn't take amanda and beth's lemonade which had some vodka, they downed that, and then we all clubbed.
-clubbing was alright. the same as always i guess. nothing too random. RHS men were there. twas a good night.

-well happy birthday to me. and thanks again to all of you who wished happy birthday to me. twas appreciated!
-i had work again, which i was about 20 mins late for. ooops. it was a late night and i slept right through. blah. but it was all good and i left early to go to the circus.
-the circus was amazing. i love it. i want to be in the circus and apply for it with beth. woo! we had a fun time... my family and my friends were there.
-then we all packed up and went over to chili's. mmm. FOOD and a waiter named NICK. mmm. haha. oh man, good food, good waiters, and good times.
-cake was great. amanda had fun with the digital camera, and beth's boobs were huge in every picture. kasia needs to stop poking me and i love my gifts thus far! thank you fritzies and family for a great 19th birthday!


x. Said "I Love You" and meant it?: at least a million times in life.
x. Gotten in a fight with your pet: ha. no i don't think so. she makes me mad sometimes, but hardly ever really.
x. Been to New York: no. one of those things i have to do very very soon.
x. Florida: yes a couple of times.
x. California: YES. i loved it there. great weather and sight seeing. twas marvelous!
x. Hawaii: i wish.
x. Mexico: nope.
x. China: NOT YET.
x. Canada: yes - was pretty!
x. Danced naked: OH YEAH. in the basement like everyday.
x. Dreamed something really crazy and then it happened the next day: actually. i dream the future, so always.
x. Wish you were the opposite sex: NO PENISES FOR ME!.. but sometimes when waiting in line for the bathroom... or having to pop a squat... blah. they should make women's bathrooms bigger than mens!
x. Had an imaginary friend: um no.

x. What book are you reading now: "Dress Your Family in Corduroy and Denim" David Sedaris and "The Communist Manifesto" Karl Marx & Frederick Engels.
x. Worst feeling in the world: being HEARTBROKEN
x. What is the first thing you think when you wake up: what the hell day is it? and what do i have to do?
x. Do you sleep with a stuffed animal: MR. BEAR. every night!
x. What's under your bed: another bed. ha.
x. Favorite sport to watch: XTREME SPORTS!
x. Location: Norridge, IL - home in the dungeon, on my white chair.
x. Piercings/tattoos: belly button, ears, and my pelvis tattoo
x. Boyfriend/Girlfriend: YES! MMMMMMMMM RODNEY LOVE!

x. Do you do drugs: NOPE
x. Do you drink: HA.
x. Who is your best friend: There isn't just one...
x. What are you most scared of: anything that swims below me... eek.
x. What clothes do you sleep in: anything that's clean. or worn that day. ha. ew.
x. Where do you want to get married: i really don't know yet.
x. Who do you really hate: ha. villa napoli's newest addition!
x. Been in Love: 3 times!
x. Do you have a job: 2 LAG and GVC
x. Do you like being around people: depends on the people.

x. Things you like in a guy/girl: funny, outgoing, skinny, clean cut... etc.
x. Do you have a crush on someone: eh not really. i love my rodney!
x. Have you ever cried over something someone of the opposite sex: all the time
x. Do you have a "type" of person you always go for?: skinny. that's about it.
x. Want someone you don't have right now: i want my boyfriend to be here.. is that acceptable?
x. Are you lonely right now: right now. yes. and hungry.
x. Ever afraid you'll never get married: not really, but i want to get married.
x. Do you want to get married: ha. wow.
x. Do you want kids: defnitely!

x. Room in house: hmm. i guess my bedroom.
x. Type(s) of music: soft rock, country, techno, rap but only eminem really, pop, anything.
x. Color: GREEN
x. Month: i'm a fan of JUNE.
x. Stone: Diamonds are a girl's best friend!

x. Cried: nope.
x. Bought something: yes, new shoes from carson's.. only $30!
x. Gotten sick: yes, my little cousins were hacking all over me last night.
x. Sang: FLY by Hilary Duff! i love that song
x. Said "I Love You": ::sigh:: i miss my rodney.
x. Wanted to tell someone you loved them: neh. i do it anyway.
x. Met someone new: well he's not "new" but i bonded with ben from english class.
x. Moved on: in age i guess.
x. Talked to someone: blah. too many to name.
x. Fought with your parents: nope. can't say that i have!

mmm tombstone pizza.

time for some food.

good day.

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November 5th, 2004

11:38 am - Happy Birthday Koller!


oh yeah that's right...checks calendar... haha


ok so now that is out of my system...


-10 months today and still rockin'  i love my boyfriend!!!!! EEE! i went to work twice today... once for an hour at LAG at like 9:30am and then the other time at GVC at like 5:30pm-8ish?  i don't even know b/c i didn't have any tables, i got to stock everything, which i love to do anyway.  YAY WIPING SILVERWARE! then beth got a table, so i clocked out and hung around with her until she was done with her stuff. is that weird that i didn't go home right away?  i guess, but i didn't want to go home and do nothing at home, i mean, might as well spend the time with beth and ruben.  alrighty...

-so when i got home, beth was supposed to drop off her car at my house and then we were going to drive out to my aunt's house to see the new puppies.  blah.  once again, my night was shattered by some other task around the household.   this one though, was exciting.  Norridge is having it's "pick up all the garbage that you want to get rid of" day, so we began cleaning out the freezer room to finally start working on it.. i think it's almost decided that my brother wants the basement, and i get his old room.  sweet.  it's green, and big, and i love it.  away from everything else (except gram.  GAH!), but includes the nice shower and a window... and my dog.  yes! my own room guys.  it's funny b/c people i know are moving into like apartments and out on their own... NO! I finally get my own room.  i'm like a little girl.  but i don't plan on moving out anytime soon... so this is just perfect for me! yesssss!!


-i can't wait to go clubbing b/c i just need a fix like BAD.  i want to go dancing and have a blast and stuff.  right now, amanda, beth, me, ashley, and mo jo are going.  and probably dingle and carlos... maybe some other people. but the more, the merrier! yay!


-i haven't been to the circus in FOREVER.  so i'm excited about that as well.  yay momma for buying those tickets.  i can't wait and that's on sunday! EEEEE! who's excited????!?!?? I AM!


-Koller and i talked on the phone again for a while last night around midnight, b/c i called her to say happy birthday when the clock struck.  funny.  she got yelled at for talking too loud, but that's because we always get really loud and laughy on the phone.  it's retardo, but it was quite funny.  her nextdoor neighbor knocked and confronted her with "too much noise" so rachel said "sorry" and gently just closed the door in her face.  haha.  oh man, and i was there to listen to it all.  haha.  TOO MUCH NOISE DAMNIT.. SETTLE DOWN KOLLER!

-2 days til my birthday now.  weird.

-less than three weeks until thanksgiving break where i finally get to meet rodney's mom and stuff. wow.  i've been going out with him for 10 months and i have NEVER met her.  i'm really excited though... blah. i hope she won't hate me.

ok well that about sums up life right about now... umm...

good day.


(oh yes, i left out all the GUAYs because people hate it.  haha.  they hate the word GUAY.  and i never say it, just type it.  but it's hated, so it's been deleted just for all of you haters out there!)

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November 3rd, 2004

12:04 pm
i know how many of you are kerry fans, so i'll stop there.

-i haven't really had much to say lately. work has been alright and so has everything else i guess.

-let's begin with rodney b/c he's a retardo... so he had his military ball on monday night and ever since the big day, he's been kind of mean to me. i asked him yesterday how his night was and he said it was "awesome". good, i'm glad he had a good time. but then i asked him what he planned on doing for the rest of the day and he goes, "I have no F*in idea. All my friends are busy with their girlfriends." and i'm like, wow. i felt like shit. i'm sorry i couldn't take off work and school just to go to some simple event that occurs every year. and wow.. did he come to MY PROM? no. he couldn't. he had other things to do and he couldn't make it. i was fine and i didn't make him feel bad about it. blah on that.
-sorry for all of you out there who heard my voicemail yesterday, but that was the main reason. why he makes me feel so bad about myself i have no idea, but damn, is he good at it!

-funny story. so my boss from LAG calls me yesterday and she gets to hear the message. haha. i almost died of laughter. she goes, "wow. i didn't know you were capable of being so upset and i was shocked when you swore!" haha. i didn't realize that not only do my friends call my cell, but my bosses and my mother and brother. maybe next time i'll leave out the swear words.

-so only 2 people got 'A's on their midterms in philosophy. guess who was one of them!?!!???! MEEEEE!!!!! I ACED MY PHILOSOPHY MIDTERM! WOOOOOO! i'm soooooooo happy. i love philosophy sooooo much! eeeeee! yay!
-that kinda took away my bad mood.

-for some reason i can't seem to get my english essay done. it's already been written once, and all i have to do is edit it and revise and add and delete and just do it. but i'm a retardo, and i can't get my lazy ass to work on it. how bad is that? gah.

I need to go to school now and then work tonight. i'll maybe update a little more later.
-oh yeah. i'm going to the CIRCUS on SUNDAY! WHO'S EXCITED?!??! MEEEEE!!!!! eeeee! clubbing anyone on saturday? i'm gonna ask my friends from school today if they wanna go. fun stuff!

good day.

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11:56 am - I love these online surveys... they're my #1 way to PROCRASTINATE!

NO AMANDA! i am definitely the last person on the earth to do this... let's begin shall we?




What was...

-The last movie you watched?: 8 MILE - why do i love eminem so much?

-The last song you listened to?: I Don't Wanna Be - Gavin DeGraw

-The last book you read?: Nickel and Dimed - Barbara Ehrenreich

-The last thing you ate?: Leftover Pizza from the NAP

-The last thing you drank?: Cran-Grape Juice before i went to bed last night

-The last scent you smelled?: Freesia from B&B WORKS

-The last dessert you ate?: I ate some of my giant size Hershey Bar last night... does that count?

-The last thing you fell over?: I tripped up the stairs at GVC at the Halloween party

-The last picture you took?: Of myself with my cell phone to send to Rodney


Who was...

-The last person you kissed?: Rodney of course

-The last person you hugged?: Mike Carbone

-The last person you talked to?: Dean-right now online, Rodney on the phone this morning

-The last person who made you cry?: Rodney

-The last person who made you laugh?: Amanda, reading this survey before i fill it out

-The last person you saw?: gram ::shivers::

-The last person you dated?: RODNEY!!!!!!! <3

-The last person you loved?: RODNEY!!!!!!! <3

-The last person who spent time with you?: Brother Ande, we talked for like 2 hours last night

-The last person you hated?: Justin Miskawitz (<i'm leaving this from amanda's... hahaha!)

-The last person you loved?: I LOVE RODNEY!!!!!! <3

-The last person who was mean to you?: LISA... i thought i was rid of her for life.  now she works at my favorite pizza place.  what are the odds?  hahahah she works at a pizza place! 3 CHEERS FOR THAT!

-The last person who was nice to you?: I LOVE MY RODNEY!!!!!!!!!! <3


When was...

-The last time you ate?: last night at like 11pm

-The last time you slept?: this morning, didn't go to math again and decided to take an extra long sleep!

-The last time you used the bathroom?: i pizzled this morning

-The last time you cried?: about two weeks ago. stupid long distance frienships and relationship

-The last time you laughed?: about 2 seconds ago... i read below: amanda's last time you had sex question. hahahahha

-The last time you hurt yourself?: i ran into this thing outside GVC by the employees entrance, and created a lump on my elbow.  blah.  i cried a little

-The last time that you read?: today.  i had to read something for english class

-The last time that you listened to a CD all the way through?: everyday in my car... so yesterday driving to school - SPICE GIRLS! woot!

-The last time you spent a night over at someone else's house?: oh gee. i have no idea. camping was the last time i spent a night out of my house.

-The last time you spent time with a friend?: hi beth and amanda!

-The last time you had sex?: about a month ago

-The last time you cursed?: yesterday in my sad/mad/crappy voicemail... felt weird to swear.  blah.

-The last time you prayed?: a couple nights ago for beth's grandma

-The last time you wished you were dead?: a couple years back i believe?

-The last time you wished someone else was dead?: gah. never!

-The last time that you wanted more time to do something in?: i wish rodney could stay longer than a mere three days.  blah.

-The last time you wished you didn't have to end something?: rodney.  sigh.

-The last time you played a videogame?: at walgreens.  i played space invaders!

-The last time you watched TV?: Elections last night!

-The last time you wrote something down on paper?: this morning, while working on my essay

-The last time you smiled?: right now.  brother ande makes me laugh... we're talking on AIM

-The last time you were truly happy?: every other day...

-The last time that you were sad?: always.

-The last time you told someone that you loved them?: RODNEY and RACHEL and BETH and AMANDA like everyday

-The last time you talked on the phone?: this morning, about three hours ago?

-The last time you posted on an internet forum?: ?

-The last time you sent an email?: haha to myself today to show you the last pic i took

-The last time you used IM programs to talk to someone?: NOW! Dean and Brother Ande

-The last time you updated your blog/webpage/livejournal/etc.?: umm.  my sean's a dingle update.

-The last time that you sat and thought about your life?: everday.

-The last time in which you declared "I hate you!"?: JUSTIN.  I HATE JUSTIN!

-The last time you downloaded something off the internet?: SNOOD! about a week ago!




ONE: The Basics


Name: Krystal

Birth date: 4 days! 11-07-85

Birthplace: I forgot which hospital... but in CHICAGO


Current Location: Downstairs in my basement, in front of my computer.

Eye Color: brown

Hair Color: dark brown

Height: 5'2

Righty or Lefty: Righty

Zodiac Sign: SCORPIO LOVE! <3


TWO: On The Inside


Shoes you wore today: nothing yet.  i'm barefoot from bedtime

Your weakness: jealousy

Your fears: DEEP WATER - or THE UNKNOWN "How can one fear what one does not know exists?" PLATO!

Your perfect pizza: Villa Napoli's Pan Pizza w/ extra cheese, mushrooms, and pepperoni!

Goal you'd like to achieve: To be Successful


THREE: Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow


Your most overused phrase on AIM: good day. or ~K

Your thoughts first waking up: SCREW MATH!

Your best physical feature:  ? you tell me.

Your bedtime: whenver i get tired.  from 930-4am

Your most missed memory: ? i'm not sure. there are quite a few


FOUR: Your Pick


Pepsi or Coke: coke

McDonald's or Burger King: BOTH.  depends on my mood.

Single or group dates: single

Adidas or Nike: Adidas clothes, NIKE shoes

Chocolate or vanilla: BOTH

Cappuccino or coffee: eh.  DUNKACCINO!


FIVE: Do You?


Smoke: ew.

Cuss: sometimes.  not often


Take a shower everyday: everyday.

Have a crush(es): always.  i love rodney... but then there's ryan from english class, so fun!


Think you've been in love: i am now... and have been 3 times

Like(d) high school: loved high school!

Want to get married: RIGHT NOW

Believe in yourself: of course.

Get motion sickness: long ass car rides on twisty roads

Think you're a health freak: i get in those moods, but they aren't consistent

Get along with your parents: um yes.

Like thunderstorms: LOVE THEM!

Play an instrument: oboe... some piano


SIX: In the past few months have you...


Drank alcohol: NO!

Smoked: EW!

Done a drug: illegal? never! nyquil.. often.

Made Out: YES MA'AM

Gone on a date: To Bob Chin's with my love

Gone to the mall: haha for some reason, like 3 times in the last week.  and yes, the HIP IS GHETTOFIED!

Eaten sushi: mmm maybe today.  last time was about three weeks ago

Been on stage: V-Show

Been dumped: hmm last time was on christmas eve... JD

Gone skating: rollerblading in the summertime

Gone skinny dipping: god i wish

Dyed your hair: NEVER

Stolen anything: not as of lately


SEVEN: Ever...


Played a game that required removal of clothing: ha nope.

Been trashed or extremely intoxicated: hahhha amanda.  NOPE, not me

Been caught "doing something": yes.  at least twice

Been called a tease: lol yes yes.

Gotten beaten up: NOPE

Shoplifted: oh koller.


EIGHT: Getting Older


Age you hope to be married: 23...NOW?

Numbers and Names of Children: two boys and two girls.  in that order. well the first boy has to be GERRIT.  the other names i have no idea... i like KEIRA for a girl.  

How do you want to die: happy with what i've done with my life

What do you want to be when you grow up: DPT.

What country would you most like to visit: somewhere out of the country would be nice.


NINE: In a guy


Best eye color?: blue

Best hair color?: blonde

Short or long hair: short and well groomed

Height: 5'11

Best first date location: movies is cool... not much talking though.  food is always fun.


TEN: In The Numbers...


Number of people I could trust with my life: at least three.

Number of CDs that I own: 72

Number of piercings: 6 - five earrings and belly button

Number of tattoos: ONE!

Number of times my name has appeared in the Newspaper: at least 30

Number of scars on my body: well i have a four in one scar, so is that one or four?  then random rollerblading incidents and other stuff... i d k

Number of things in my past that I regret: at least 10.  god i'm so stupid somtimes.


i plan on updating now for real.


good day.



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